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About Us

Assalamualaikum & welcome to Sekolah Kripto

Interoperable Knowledge
Interoperasi Ilmu


Sekolah Kripto is the inter knowledge hub for Blockchain, CryptoAsset, DeFi & NFT in Malaysia. There are about 2000 people in our community and it is growing. Have a look at our Linktree .

We provide continous education via multiple sources such as  youtube channel , telegram & Facebook .

We bootsrap communities such as Osmosis Malaysia & Waves Degen Malaysia. We provide state of the art education material called WAGMI which is available here 

We organize physical classes from time to time with grants from international blockchain entities such as Osmosis Ministry of Marketing and prominent individuals such as Wxbooster & Core-1 Juno contributor. We utilise a Not-For-Profit business model where sales & grants received are used to provide gratis courses for the Malaysian community.


Running strong since 2017 (previously as Saudagar Training Enterprise), our mission is to be a long term player in the Malaysia Crypto industry; as teachers, community enablers & projects organiser. 

Our vision is to expand beyond Malaysia and to penetrate global markets, with South East Asia as the primary target.